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Submitting Tshirt Art

We prefer that you submit the original file — just be sure to carefully proofread all text before submission. We are not responsible for misspellings or incorrect dates. You may submit artwork on cd, dvd, thumb drives, via email or just upload directly to our web site. Be sure to clearly identify all submitted materials with your name, address, phone number and contact information. In this way we can ensure their return with your order. When sending us disks, be sure to clearly identify each enclosed folder.

We suggest that you include a printed mock up or PDF. Drawings and other works can be submitted on paper, but because they require scanning and clean up, we charge a small design fee for these submissions.

By sticking to these easy guidelines, you minimize costs and turnaround time. Most importantly, you help us create the best possible art.

We accept files from Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Photoshop files should be at least 300 dpi at the final printing size. A full back print can be made into a smaller left chest print, but a left chest print cannot be made into a full back. Acceptable file formats include .eps, .tiff, and .psd. Jpeg’s and .gif’s are unacceptable. Do not flatten your artwork. Document Color Mode should be set on CMYK. Please use a true 100% black swatch versus “Rich Black”. If you are using Pantone inks, use the pantone swatches-coated.

Illustrator files should submitted at 100% printed size. Templates are available on our website. All fonts must be TYPE>>CREATED TO OUTLINES. Document Color Mode should be set on CMYK. If you need a Pantone Ink Color mixed, use the PANTONE solid coated Swatches.

Adobe Illustrator: Create to Outlines

Adobe Illustrator: Solid Coated Pantone

Adobe Illustrator: Solid Coated Pantone

Screen Printed Tshirt Samples

Screen Printing Ink Choices


Plastisol Ink

Plastisol is the most commonly used ink in tshirt screen printing. Its most identifiable characteristic is, as the name suggests, a more plasticized texture with a solid opacity. The ink sits on top of the fabric instead of soaking into it, giving the print a slightly raised texture.


"Vintage" Printing

When screen printing with plastisol ink, there is an option to only apply one hit of ink. This technique creates a more vintage, lighter look. It also allows for less elevated texture and more of the fabric to show through the print.


Discharge and Pigment (Eco $$)

Discharge ink is used to print lighter colors onto darker textiles. It works by removing the dye of the garment and replacing it with a pigment color of your choice. The pigment dyes the fabric itself as opposed to applying a surface layer of ink onto the garment. Once laundered, you will notice virtually no textural difference between the printed and unprinted areas of the garment. It is especially beneficial when printing designs with fine lines and lots of detail.
*It should be noted that pigment dyes cotton fibers only, therefore garments composed of polyester, rayon, etc will not be affected by the dye, creating in varied results.


Gold/ Silver Foil ($$$)

Foil is a screen printing and heat press combination process, resulting in a final design with a reflective/mirrored effect. Adhesive glue is applied via screen printing, then your choice of metallic foil is applied with heat and pressure. Foil comes in Silver and Gold, as well as various other metallic colors. Foil garments are more of a novelty and will not have a longterm or predictable lifetime.


PMS Coloring Matching ($25 Per Color)

The idea behind the Pantone Matching System is to allow designers to 'colour match' specific colours when a design enters production stage. This system has been widely adopted by Graphic Designers and Printing Houses for a number of years now. We are happy to offer this service as well.
If you are planning on submitting artwork that takes advantage of the Pantone Matching System, keep all your choices at 100% of that color and select Pantone Solid Coated only. Matte and Uncoated selections will default to Solid Coated Colors.



Primrose Yellow

Lemon Yellow

Chrome Yellow

Golden Yellow


Vermillion Red

Scarlet Red

Brite Red

Cardinal Red

Flag Red


Peacock Blue

Brite Blue

Columbia Blue

Mono Blue

Royal Blue

Light Navy


Lime Green

Brite Green

Tahiti Green

Aqua Marine

Kelly Green

Chrome Green


Sienna Brown

Dark Brown

Cool Gray 6

Hot Pink

Rose Magenta




Add-On Numbers

Add-On Numbers

Prices are Per Set. Minimum of 12 sets. We cannot accept returns.

Add-On Names

Add-On Names

NOTES : 5/8" available in 1-color only. Prices are per name. Minimum of 12 sets. We cannot accept returns.

Add-On Names and Numbers

Add-On Names and Numbers

Distance between Name and Number is approximately 1 3/4". Prices are Per Set. Minimum of 12 sets. We cannot accept returns.

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