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Submitting Paper Art

We prefer that you submit the original file — just be sure to carefully proofread all text before submission. We are not responsible for misspellings or incorrect dates. We also suggest that you include a printed mock up or PDF.

Each Ink Color in your design MUST be on its own separate LAYER

All Fonts must be TYPE>>CREATED TO OUTLINES (for Illustrator)

Halftones are printed out at 25LPI

IF print order matters with your artwork, let us know

IF you would like to print on something that is NOT paper, then you will need to bring it in so that we can figure out how best to achieve what you would like

Fonts under 10pts may not print correctly

Lines under 1pt will not print correctly

Full Bleed Prints are where the ink extends off the edge of the paper. This is achieved by printing past your cut line then cutting the paper through the printed area. Bleeds need to extend 1/4” past your final cut size. Provide paper that requires a BLEED print must be at least ½” larger then the final print size.

We do not cut paper, but we can suggest vendors around the city that can make any required cuts for you

Turnaround Time for paper and other flat objects is 10-15 business days

Supplying your own paper is an option, but results may vary

Printing on Dark Colored Paper.  “Coated” dark paper will always get better opacity results then “matte” paper

All Flat Stock inks are Hand Mixed and color matched for a $25 fee

Separate Layers

Create to Outlines

BITMAPPING Halftones at 25Lpi

Screen Printed Flatstock Samples

Stock Colors

Lemon Yellow

Medium Yellow

Fire Red

Rubine Red

Warm Red


Process Blue

Reflex Blue

Ultra Blue

Get a Quote

Flatstock Quote Form

  • If "OTHER", tell us what it is
  • (Minimum 50 pieces)
  • (Max Print Area 18" x24")
  • (Please Allow 1/4" inch extra of each side)
  • Max. file size: 50 MB.



  • Max. file size: 50 MB.